Monday, June 4, 2012

What's in a name?

The clock is ticking as I am now just 30 days away from a trip of a lifetime... 44,016 miles to be flown over a 5 week period with stops on 4 continents and in 12 different countries.

Why not share my experiences with the billions of people worldwide who really could care less about some crazy guy who is going to be spending over 94 hours strapped inside a huge aluminum tube.  It's not all bad though...using a combination of American Airlines frequent flyer miles (150,000) and United Airlines miles (60,000) I'm going to be travelling up in the front... business class the entire way.

So why is the blog titled Alley Oops and Baboon Troops?   Seemingly every trip I've been on over the past 5 years has had some type of basketball component and this trip will be much the same.   The goal is to oil up my creaky knees, lace up the Kobe's and hit the playgrounds and play with the locals in as many cities as possible during my journey.  Maybe I'll learn how to talk smack in a few different languages and drop some dimes, euros or yen along the way.

So as the trip evolves with hoops... and maybe and alley oop or two, it will conclude in one of my favorite places on earth, Cape Town, South Africa... and if anyone has ever been to the Cape of Good Hope right outside of Cape Town, you know that you better not be carrying any food, because the troops of baboons won't say thank you as they steal your lunch right out of your hands.

So sit back, hang tight as the clock continues ticking toward the departure of flight 169 from LAX.

July 4          Departure
July 5-8      Tokyo
July 8-10    Beijing
July 10-13  Hong Kong
July 14       Singapore
July 15-17  Bangkok
July 18-20  Amman
July 20-21  Amsterdam
July 22-25  Budapest
July 26       Amsterdam
July 27-30  Barcelona
July 31        Frankfort
Aug 1-4      Cape Town
Aug 5          Istanbul
Aug 6          Shanghai
Aug 7          HOME SWEET HOME

Check out the flight map:*

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